We were recently asked by a resident “what do you do” so here is a summary of what Community Councils do

What are Community Councils?

Community councils are set up by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, chapter 64, part IV. Kincorth and Leggart Community Council will comprise up to 12 members from the community who are elected to serve until the next triennial elections (2021) There are currently vacancies.

Role and Responsibilities

The general purpose of Community Councils is to act as a voice for their local area. This will involve them articulating the views and concerns of local people in their area on a wide range of issues of public concern and make representations to the Local Authority, other public sector bodies and private agencies on matters within their sphere of interest.

Community Councils are a statutory consultee on all planning applications and licensing applications relating to liquor.

Community Councils should have in place mechanisms to encourage public involvement and feedback to secure greatest possible involvement from all sectors of the community which may include consultations, questionnaires, public meeting’s and effective means to publicise the determinations of the community council.

How do they work?

· They usually meet once a month to discuss the issues of current concern in their area

· They contact and are contacted by relevant agencies to put forward the views of the community which involves collating views from members of the community, including individuals, families, and groups

· They discuss and negotiate solutions to local issues and concerns

· They attend meetings, liaise with City Councillors and officials

· When necessary they campaign on big issues of local concern

Community Council Achievements

· Production and distribution of newsletters

· Community gardens and floral displays

· Galas

· Setting up of websites and other social media

· Clean up activities

· Securing funding for local projects

· Influencing planning and licensing decisions

· Campaigning on local issues

Who can be a Community Councillor?

Community Council candidates must be named on the current electoral register for the Community Council area in which they reside as a local government elector. The minimum age to stand for election as a Community Councillor is 16 years of age.

You do not need any special skills or experience. People who become Community Councillors should have an interest in their community and often begin with an interest in a specific issue such as youth provision, protecting the environment or the quality of local services.